About us

Gecko International Co. is a developer, producer and distributor of small, essential components such as Fasteners, Circuit Board Hardware and Metal Spacers. For 30 years we have paid attention
to the construction and production of a wide portfolio, specializing in a variety of applications.

The philosophy of the company is to concentrate on a comprehensive stock of products. The highest standard of Quality is imperative, in order to offer innovative tailor-made solutions and to guarantee
a fluent supply chain.

Our wide product line card consists of circuit board supports, rivets, screws, nuts, feet, damper, rotary damper, LED spacers, cable management, automotive and metal spacers. Furthermore our well trained
development team will assist in producing a diverse range of bespoke parts to customer specifications.

Please find below a summary of our product range. For further information, please refer to our catalogue which can be downloaded.

Circuit Board Hardware: Snap In, Screw Mount Circuit Board Support, Round and Hexagonal Spacer, Metal Spacer, Spacer with Adhesive Base and as per customer specification.

Fasteners and Fixings: Screws, Nuts, Washers Bushings, Caps, Rivets, Panel Fasteners, Snap Rivets, Barbed Push Fasteners and Specials on request.

Cable Ties, Cable Management and Accessories: Standard Cable Ties, Push Mount Ties, Fir Tree, Blind Hole Mount cable ties, Locking Beaded Ties, Release Tab Wrap-It Tie, Arrowhead Wrap-it Ties,
Tie Holder with Screw or Adhesive Mount, Twist Lock, Wire Saddle, Cable Clips, Clamps and Nylon Sleeves.

LED Hardware: Spacer, Square, Heat Resistant.

Fibre Hardware: Optical Fibre holders, Splice holder, Fibre Saddle, Dust Caps, Blanking Plugs.

Damper and Feet: Rotary Damper, Bumpers and Feet, Nylon, TPE, Rubber.

Automotive Accessories: Blind Rivets, Snap Latches, Clips, Screw Rivet Fasteners, Cable Ties, Washers, Protection Caps and Blanking Plugs, Specials on request.

Metal Spacers: Hex Spacer, Round Spacer, Brass, Metric, Nickel Plated, Zinc Plated, Steel, Aluminium, Metric Hex, With and without Undercut, Self Tapping Standoff, Voltage Insulators, Female / Female,
Male / Female, Male / Male.

Tools: Specific Solutions for Tool Design & Construction.


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