The METAL category contains various hexagonal and round spacers for different requirements. Whether hexagonal spacers in stainless steel, steel, aluminum or in nylon with a metal thread.
Nickel plated or blank. With or without undercut. As internal thread, external thread or internal and external thread. Or round spacers in brass, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
Simply decide for yourself to determine the right product for your application.

Hex Spacer Female-Female Brass 2.0401/111 Metric

Hex Spacer Female-Female Brass 2.0401/110 UNC

Hex Spacer Female-Female Steel 1.0718/121 Metric

Hex Spacer Female-Female Aluminium 3.1655/132 Metric

Hex Spacer Female-Female Stainless Steel 1.4305/142 Metric

Hex Spacer Female-Female Polyamide Brass 118139 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Female Brass 2.0401/211 Metric

Hex Spacer Female-Female Polyamide Brass 1182 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Female Self-Tapping Brass 2.0401/212ST

Hex Spacer Male-Female Brass 2.0401/2100 UNC M3

Hex Spacer Male-Female Steel 1.0718/221 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Female Self-Tapping Steel 1.0718/222

Hex Spacer Male-Female Aluminium 3.1655/232 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Female Stainless Steel 1.4305/242 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Female Polyamid Brass 2182 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Female Polyamide Brass 218139 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Male Brass 2.0401/411 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Male Steel 1.0718/421 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Male Aluminium 3.1655/432 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Male Stainless Steel 1.4305/442 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Male Polyamide Brass 4182 Metric

Hex Spacer Male-Male Polyamide Brass 418139 Metric

Round Spacer, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Steel and Brass


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