Soft Fast Foot

Soft Fast Foot, Fast Feet, Screw-On Feet, Quick Assembly, Push-Fit Feet, Rivet Foot, Push Rivet, Hole 3.1-10.2, TPV UL94HB, PA6 UL94V2, PP UL94HB, Neoprene Rubber

GF-101, GF-104, GF-115, GF-117, GF-118, GF-120, GF-121, GF-125, GF-128, GF-129, GF-818

GF-103, GF-105, GF-106, GF-108, GF-109, GF-110, GF-113, GF-114

GF-123, GF124, GF126, GF130



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