Screws and Nuts

Our range of nylon screws are available in a variety of designs. Whether as a screw with a cross recess, slotted, as socket head screw or hexagonal, with a flange or in a knurled shape.
We offer a large selection of sizes, also in special sizes on request. Furthermore our range is constantly expanding with individual products such as KWIK nuts or screw covers.

Slotted and Crossed Countersunk Screws

Slotted Raised and Crossed Countersunk Screws

Slotted Pan Head Screws

Slotted Cheese Head Screws

Slotted KWIK Screw

Slotted and Crossed Knurled Screw

Cross Recessed Nylon Metric Screw

Cross Recessed Oval Head Screw

Push-In Screw

Security Screws

Socket Head Screw

Book Screw / Slotted Round Book Screw

Hexagonal Head Screw

Hex Nut


Cover-Cap and Anti-Twist Protection


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