Wire Saddle

Our range of wire saddles are available in different variations and shapes. Locking wire saddle or non-locking wire saddle, side entry or top entry, snap-in, with adhesive or screwed.
Decide for yourself so that the right article can be found for every fastening material.

Wire Saddle, Arrowhead, Push-In, Non-Locking

Micro Wire Saddle, Locking

Wire Saddle, Locking, Non-Locking

Wire Saddle, Side Entry, Non-Locking

Wide Wire Saddle, Non-Locking

Wire Saddle, Locking Top, Locking

Micro Wire Saddle, Locking Top, Locking

Blind Hole Mount Wire Saddle, Non-Locking, Locking

Edge Holding Wire Saddle, Non-Locking, Locking

Wire Saddle on Adhesive Base

Side Entry Wire Saddle on Adhesive Base

Micro Wire Saddle on Adhesive Base

Side Mount Wire Saddle Locking

Flat Cable Clamp

Tension Clamp

Wire Saddle, Quarter-Turn Base, Non-Locking


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