Wire Saddle, Miniature, Locking Top, Locking, Adhesive, Screw Mount, PA66 UL94V2, PA66 UL94V0

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Sizes in mm
  • GMWSLTB-600X600.jpg
P/N. Article No. Cross-Ref. Material Material I Color Adhesive Tape Packing Unit PDF 3D
61076 GMWSLTB-1-01 MWSLTB-1-01 PA66 UL94V2 - Natural - 1000
61062 GMWSLTB-1-19 MWSLTB-1-19 PA66 UL94V0 - Natural - 1000
61090 GMWSLTB-1-01-AT MWSLTB-1-01A-RT PA66 UL94V2 Acrylic Tape Natural 8.5*9.5A*1.0 1000
61089 GMWSLTB-1-19-AT MWSLTB-1-19A-RT PA66 UL94V0 Acrylic Tape Natural 8.5*9.5A*1.0 1000


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