Panel Catches, Snap-In Latches, POM UL94HB, PA66 UL94HB

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Sizes in mm
  • 20558-GCS113-1B-20561-GCS113-2B-20674-GCS113-3BB Kopie.jpg
P/N. Article No. Cross-Ref. Material Color FIG Packing Unit PDF 3D
20558 GCS113-1B CS-113-1 PA66 UL94HB Black 1 1000
20559 GCS113-1N - PA66 UL94HB Natural 1 1000
20560 GCS113-1G - PA66 UL94HB Gray 1 1000
20561 GCS113-2B CS-113-2 PA66 UL94HB Black 2 1000
20562 GCS113-2N - PA66 UL94HB Natural 2 1000
20564 GCS113-3N - PA66 UL94HB Natural 3 1000
20674 GCS113-3B-B CS-113-3 POM UL94HB Black 3 1000


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