Hex Spacer, Without Undercut, Body: PA6.6, Thread: Brass Blank, M6 and M8, AF (SW) 13 and 15, Lengths 25.0 - 100.0mm
Contact Resistance 1012 Ohm/cm. Dielectric Strength 50 kV/mm.

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Sizes in mm
  • 418139 Kopie.jpg
Article No. Cross-Ref. Material Color G1=G2 Thread Surface Body SW Packing Unit PDF
418139 x *L* (Length) - Brass 2.0401 Natural M6 - - PA 6.6 SW 13 100
4181510 x *L* - Brass 2.0401 Natural M8 - - PA 6.6 SW 15 100


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